Historic Guildford

Documents on the history of Guildford Town

Listed below are various documents about historic issues surrounding Guildford. All documents except the Wikipedia article have been saved in Adobe PDF™ format and are available to read but are copyright to the author, Mrs Barbara Dundas.

The National Trust of Australia describes Guildford as:

..a rare and comparatively intact nineteenth century town within a relatively undisturbed topographical setting. The basic character and structure of the town remains as it has been since the period of railway development. It is relatively unimpaired from encroachment of the metropolitan Perth. National Trust of Australia (1984)

Protection of Guildford's rich heritage, in it's buildings, gardens and land forms, is one of the key objectives of the Guildford Association. Every time we lose a part of Guildford's history we allow part of it's uniqueness to be eroded.

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