The Guildford Association

Since its establishment in 1975 the Guildford Association (GA) has been actively involved in representing the rate-payers and residents of the historic town of Guildford. Our goals are to preserve and promote the historic nature of Guildford and its rural environs, as well as seeking to enhance and protect the quality of life of residents and rate-payers.

Guildford Association is open to anyone interested in furthering these aims for our community. We aim to represent local views to the City of Swan, the Government of Western Australia and the Heritage Council of Western Australia, plus the National Trust of Australia (W.A.). We also aim to add to the enjoyment of our community by holding events that promote our unique town to all, such as the Guildford Lead light Walks, the Historic Calendars and walking tours of both historic and natural environment interest.

The 'Association' is in 2014 meeting on a monthly basis at The Mechanics Institute Hall and welcomes all comers, whether you are new to Guildford and would like to learn more about our community, are a current resident wanting information about agencies affecting our area, or old friends that wish to reconnect with community issues in Guildford. Everyone is Welcome!

The next General Meeting of the Guildford Association will be held on Tuesday 15 July 2014 at 7.30pm in the Mechanics Institute Hall in Meadow Street, Guildford. See the Events page for details.

See our Guildford Association page for information about Guildford Association's recent actions and history. The Guildford Flood Plain Study is available here.

See the Information page for City of Swan Building Design Guidelines for developments in Guildford, plus other useful information for if you are considering renovating or building within Guildford, as well as information regarding important issues such as the Perth Airport.

See the Events page for Association meeting dates and details of any upcoming events we have planned in Guildford as well as information about events held in the past.

See our History page for a 'potted' history of Guildford Town as well as links to further historical information and a history of the Association itself.